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Tank’s Training Facility (TTF)

Tank’s Training Facility (TTF) is a located in Granite City, Illinois. We are a  24 hour gym. At TTF we offer personal training, weight loss diets, fitness classes, boot camps, athletic strength coaching, speed-agility classes for athletes, sport teams, organizations, and individuals. We service the entire St. Louis area including Granite City, Edwardsville, SIUE, Collinsville, Maryville, Glen Carbon in Metro East,  IL. We also service St. Louis, Clayton, Ladue, Cetral West End, and the greater St. Louis, MO area.

If you want to be the best come train with the best. At Tank’s Training Facility, “We Build Athletes”, “We sculpt swim suit models”, and “WE TRAIN LIKE FREAKS!! Come join the TANK BRIGADE and be part of the family.

Tanks Training Facility - Chris JanekWe have many types of classes with expert fitness and training consultants. If you like crossfit and boot camp style workouts, you will love Tank’s fitness classes that are way more intensive than any cross fit, or other boot camp class. Just ask around. Training has always been Tank’s passion. He passes that passion on to his clients. Join the GYM and HEALTH CLUB, or sign up for one of our classes. Tank will keep you motivated, informed, and feeling great! Feeling good is LIVING GOOD! Let’s change your life together.

  • Lose Weight
  • Get Healthy
  • Gain Energy
  • Feel Confident
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Heart Health

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State of the Art Athletic Training Facility

Tanks Training Facility Jen SplaingardAt Tanks Training Facility (TTF) we use the most advanced template’s and systems  to ensure that our clients achieve their optimum results….period! We perform a version of the Russian Conjugate Method with movements and exercises gained from some of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the country. Over the last 15 years TTF has developed relationships with the industry’s best.  We have implemented these in to our program and have had great success.  We opened our doors almost 3 years ago and have continued to be the areas leader in Strength & Conditioning Classes. Whether you are looking for a dedicated personal trainer, boot camp class, fitness class, weight loss diets, or a 24 hour gym. TTF is the solution!

This facility has the best atmosphere to get you pumped and sticking to your workouts. Not only is Tank and our staff knowledgeable, but so are many of our clients and members. If you are looking for a great personal trainer that will motivate you and get you in shape, look no further. We will help you achieve your weight loss, fitness, and workout goals at our Granite City facility. We will make you TRAIN. You will get in shape. You will be a better, stronger, faster, leaner version of yourself. We will customize your workouts for your individual goals and push you past achieving them!

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Athletic Sport Training

Athletic Sport Training for youth, high school, and college athletes. We train sport teams at all levels. Join our off season training programs to become the best athlete that you can be!

  • Soccer Training Program
  • Baseball Training Program
  • Basketball Training Program
  • Wrestling Training Program
  • Hockey Training Program
  • Softball Training Program
  • Volleyball Training Program
  • Tennis Training Program
  • Track & Field Training Program
  • Golf Training Program


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Speed, agility, endurance, strength…we do it all. We condition the Mind, Body, and Soul. The Sport Training Programs do not cut any corners. As you can see in the picture above, our Football Training Program is a team effort. YOU WILL SEE RESULTS IN SEASON. We offer excellent group and team rates. If you are and athlete or if you are the parent of an athlete, then I highly recommend that you get more informed on our Sport Training Programs. It will make an incredible difference come the sport season.

Chris “Tank” Janek has been a professional for many years. He has helped beginners to seasoned athletes conditioning prior to season. Whether you want to look good, looking for athletic off season conditioning, or to beef up with Strength Training. TTF is the premier training program in the region for athletes and individuals. Give us a call and we can help you on your path to better physical fitness and athletic conditioning. In the video below, Tank is a little tired after winning 2010 GPC World Powerlifting Meet in Prague, Czech Republic. I’d be a little tired too after officially becoming the World Champion in powerlifting. Tongue Out


Located at 1908 State Street, Granite City, IL 62040